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Let us restore your personal or commercial belongings with our high-end technology, impeccable service and trained professionals.

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Our state of the art technology, impeccable service and trained professionals are here for all of your residential and commercial personal property restoration needs.

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Content restoration is the restoration of valuable personal property and goods that have been damaged in a flood, fire or other tragedies.

About Contents Restoration

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Time is of the Essence

Your personal belongings are at risk beyond just the initial damage. Ash and soot can quickly discolor and tarnish personal property. Water and moisture damage can erode electronics. Wood can quickly warp. Here are just some of the types of personal property that we can restore.

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We treat your personal belongings the way you should expect us to – as if they were our own. Losing items that have very special meaning to you can be especially painful. We use the most cutting-edge technology to keep that from happening.

If you’ve had damage to your home and personal belongings, here are some things to keep in mind:


  • In smaller fires, content and structure cleaning should be the first task to address
  • Soot and fire extinguisher dust left on items can “etch” the items making them unrestorable (when touching items wear gloves to lessen etching)
  • If you are living in the home, breathing in the soot floating in the air can be bad for your health
  • We also will assist with any duct cleaning needed to clean the air system.


  • Contents normally need to be addressed first after the home has been secured and released from fire investigators
  • This allows for the restoration companies and adjusters to have a clear picture of the extent of structural damage
  • The longer items are covered in soot and water, the lesser the chance for restoration
  • Removing items creates a safer environment for crews
  • For non-restorable items, we will photo inventory every item in an easy-to-read report for you to share with your insurance company.


  • We use state-of-the-art inventory software to create a comprehensive digital inventory all of your items
  • All of your contents are categorized by type and room for organization
  • Detailed item information is recorded (brands, model numbers, and serial numbers)
  • Inventory is taken onsite as we safely pack your belongings for transport to our facility
  • All items are detail cleaned, deodorized, repacked and stored in our secure facility for safekeeping while your home is repaired.



  • We will also create a list of non-restorable items also known as non-salvageable or total-loss items
  • This list will come in an Excel spreadsheet format as well as a PDF report with photos, serial numbers, and model numbers of each item
  • Our attention to detail ensures everything is cataloged properly down to your favorite ink pen
  • Reports are easy to navigate for you and your carrier to determine the value for your belongings.


  • Water damage to contents can quickly grow microbial growth and mildew
  • Wood furniture can quickly warp beyond repair and irreplaceable documents can deteriorate
  • Non-salvageable items will be documented for your insurance company
  • Removing items will help facilitate a quicker, safer repair process for your structure


  • Microbial growth can be very hazardous to you and your families health
  • Often times microbial growth in structures is addressed but contents is overlooked in the remediation process
  • Packing out of unaffected contents lessens the risk for cross contamination
  • Packing out of affected contents assists for quick remediation as well as helps facilitate quicker repairs

The CRS Process

Stages of Content Restoration


We assess the damage to all your impacted contents while determining which items can and cannot be salvaged.


Our specialized in-house staff utilize cutting-edge software to photograph & document all items in your home while they are being packed to ensure a thorough and accurate inventory of all of your belongings.


Our packing methods ensure the safe & thorough packing of all contents from your property for safe transport back to our facility.

Cleaning / Restoration

We employ our specialized/proprietary cleaning methods to detail clean, deodorize and restore your contents to their pre-damaged condition. 

Secure Storage

Our content restoration facility boasts state-of-the-art technology and provides a safe, clean, & controlled environment for the entire restoration process.


Our team will bring your belongings back to your property & even assist with unpacking, allowing a seamless return to your home.


When our customers come to us, many feel that their most precious belongings have been ruined forever, but we show them that is not the case!

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